Monday, April 23, 2018

How to connect Contiki-NG cc26xx-web-demo to IBM Watson IoT Platform.

The following steps show you how to connect Contiki-NG cc26xx-web-demo (running on LAUNCHXL-1310 or LAUNCHXL-CC2650) to IBM Watson IoT Platform.

1. Setup IBM Watson IoT Platform.
  • 1.1 Login to IBM Watson IoT Platform and go to SECURITY tab of Device page to use "TLS Optional". This step is critical. If you don't do this, you need to use TLS for connection and default cc26xx-web-demo won't work.

  • 1.2 Go to Device Types tab of Device page to click "Add Device Type".
  • 1.3 Input device type name. I use cc26xx-web-demo in this demo.
  • 1.4 Follow all the steps to finish add device type.
  • 1.5 Switch to Browse tab of Device page to click "Add Device".
  • 1.6 Select "Select Existing Device Type" to cc26xx-web-demo and input Device ID which I use device MAC address.
  • 1.7 Input authentication token.
  • 1.8 Keep your device credentials carefully.
  • 1.9 Finish adding device and you would see it on Browse tab of device page.

2. Running 6lbr and wrapsix on Raspberry Pi first and connect your cc26xx-web-demo running on LAUNCHXL-CC1310 or LAUNCHXL-CC2650 to your 6lbr and configure cc26xx-web-demo.
  • 2.1 Open "MQTT/IBM Cloud Config" page.
  • 2.2 Configure cc26xx-web-demo for IBM Watson IoT platform according to device credentials in step 1.7.
  • 2.3 Run "ping" to get its IPv4 address
  • 2.4 Change broker IP to "0064:ff9b:0000:0000:0000:0000:a92d:0214" which is IPv6 address of "".
  • 2.5 Click "Submit" on "MQTT/IBM Cloud Config" page to connect to IBM Watson IoT platform.


  1. I tried to install the 6lbr on a computer with ubuntu 12.04 (instant contiki 3.0) or 18.04.
    I strictly follow the steps on the, however, I only get the following results:

    The 6lbr service can not start on ubuntu 12.04 (instant contiki 3.0) when I typing sudo service 6lbr start, and using the command service --status-all to check. I only get
    [-] 6lbr.

    The 6lbr service may be started on ubuntu 18.04, the results of service --status-all change to [+] 6lbr. However, I can not access [bbbb::100]. Meanwhile, there are no logs at /var/log/6lbr.log, and there is also no file created at /etc/6lbr/nvm.dat.
    On ubuntu 12.04, I have enabled the ipv6 access on firefox browser. and on ubuntu 18.04, I used the chrome which enables the ipv6 automatically.

    I only want to setup the 6lbr service on a computer. The slip-radio and other node application have not compiled or tested yet. But I think the latter node application will have no influences on the installation of 6lbr.

    Anyone can tell me how to fix this problem? Thanks very much.

    The 6lbr is the latest.

  2. i am doing this same but i am facing a issue my device is not sending message to cloud or it is not connecting. error:

    The device ID you have entered is valid, but we are waiting for your device to send us a message.

    Get your device to send us some valid data - we'll visualize it for you!

    can anyone help??

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