Sunday, September 3, 2017

Secure Zigbee Pairing Using NFC

As we all know that Zigbee protocol is vulnerable when a new device join the network. If a non-preconfigured device joins a network, a single key may be sent unprotected and enable encrypted communication. This one-time transmission of the unprotected key results in a short time frame of exploitation in which the key could be sniffed by an attacker. We implement a more secure Zigbee Pairing Using NFC and all of implementations are based on TI CC2530-CC2592 and TRF7963A as the following block diagram. The network key is send through TRF7963A from Zigbee coordinator (connecting to IOT GW) to NFC tag which is connected to Zigbee device. So, network key won't go over the air during Zigbee pairing and it won't be captured by any Zigbee sniffer.

The following video gives a demonstration about the process.

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