Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Build TI Z-Stack Linux Home Gateway reference design for x86 Linux

The following steps show you hot to build TI Z-Stack Linux Home Gateway reference design for x86 Linux.

1. Download from

2. Setup a 32 bit Ubuntu and run to extract Z-Stack Linux Gateway source code to your Linux Home folder\Z-Stack_Linux_Gateway-1.0.1-src

3. Revise the build script package_builder_bbb (in red) under “your Linux Home folder\Z-Stack_Linux_Gateway-1.0.1-src\Source\scripts\”

#Target platform:
    export TARGET_PLATFORM="x86"

    cd $NPI_SOURCE/Projects/tools/LinuxHost
    make clean
    make create_output
    #make arch-all-armBeagleBone CC_armBeagleBone=$COMPILER |& tee -a $MAKE_LOG_FILE
    make $BUILD_TYPE |& tee -a $MAKE_LOG_FILE

# *** Copy resources ***********************************************************************************

#cp $NPI_SOURCE/Projects/tools/LinuxHost/out/NPI_lnx_armBeagleBone_server $BINARIES_SERVERS_DIR/NPI_lnx_${PLATFORM_SUBSTRING}_server

4.a Install protobuf by doing the following two apt-get install

       sudo apt-get install protobuf-c-compiler
       sudo apt-get install protobuf-compiler

4.b Create a new folder "tools" and export TCLIB to it using the following lines:
       cd ~
       mkdir tools
       export TCLIB=~/tools/

5. Switch to your Linux Home folder\Z-Stack_Linux_Gateway-1.0.1-src\Source\ and run ./build_all

6. The output will be at "your Linux Home folder\Z-Stack_Linux_Gateway-1.0.1-src\Source\ERROR_out\z-stack_linux_gateway_x86_binaries.tar". The build error is due to the lack of comparison file but the output binaries still work on x86 environment.

7. Copy and untar “z-stack_linux_gateway_x86_binaries.tar” to your working directory on x86 (called ). Please follow the (Z-Stack Linux Gateway User Guide.pdf, Chap 6.3) to start the application. Please note you have to specify x86 when you run zigbeeHAgw like "sudo ./zigbeeHAgw x86"

8. If you run it successfully, you will see the results like the following screen shot.


  1. Thank you for the post. I am getting errors from compiling app zstackpb/zstack.pb-c.c. See below for a example:

    In file included from ../zstackpb/zstack.pb-c.c:8:0:
    ../zstackpb/zstack.pb-c.h:11:1: error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before ‘typedef’
    typedef struct _AFAddr AFAddr;
    ../zstackpb/zstack.pb-c.h:498:3: error: unknown type name ‘AFAddr’
    AFAddr *dstaddr;

    So most of the executables in server folder is not build (except for NPI_lnx_x86_server). Please help.

    For protobuf, did you modify the path in build_all file? Also it doesn't really matter where you point TCLIB right? If seems that path just need to be specified.

    1. development evrionment should be ubuntu 32bit、 gcc 4.x、 bash

  2. I have followed your guide. But it shows missing server files: file ZLSZNP_X86 is missing ...and other three such as OTA server. I do not know why they are missing. Maybe, does the PC need tool to rebuild the package? Looking forwards your reply. Thx!

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  4. Z-Stack_Linux_Gateway会发布新版本吗。毕竟现在这个版本是2014年的了