Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Running 6lbr on CC2538DK with ENC28J60 and make CC2650STK send sensor data to IBM MQTT quickstart service.

The following steps show how to run 6lbr on CC2538DK with ENC28J60 and make CC2650STK send sensor data to IBM MQTT quickstart service.

For CC2538DK and ENC28J60,

1. Connect CC2538DK with ENC28J60.

  • SCLK : CC2538 Port A2 (mapped to RF1.16 on P407 of SmartRF06EB)
  • MOSI : CC2538 Port A4 (mapped to RF1.18 on P407 of SmartRF06EB)
  • MISO : CC2538 Port A5 (mapped to RF1.20 on P407 of SmartRF06EB)
  • CS : CC2538 Port B5 (mapped to RF1.17 on P407 of SmartRF06EB)

2. Git 6lbr develop version from Github
 git clone https://github.com/cetic/6lbr
 git checkout develop

3. Build 6lbr for CC2538DK with ENC28J60

make TARGET=cc2538dk all

4. Use Flash Programmer 2 to download cetic_6lbr_router.bin (under \6lbr\examples\6lbr\bin_cc2538dk) to CC2538DK.

For CC2650STK,

1. Git Contiki from Github (refer to http://sunmaysky.blogspot.tw/search/label/Cygwin)

2. Add the following lines in project-conf.h of cc26xx-web-demo example to use nullRDC

#define NETSTACK_CONF_RDC     nullrdc_driver

3. Build cc26xx-web-demo.bin for CC2650STK

make BOARD=sensortag/cc2650 cc26xx-web-demo.bin

4. Use Flash Programmer 2 to download cc26xx-web-demo.bin to CC2650STK

Enable NAT64 to make CC2650STK can report sensor data to IBM MQTT quickstart service.

1. Connect Ethernet cable to CC2538DK-ENC28J60 and power on to run 6lbr.

2. Use Firefox to open web page at [bbbb::100] and switch to Configuration page. Change channel to 25 and select all options under IP64: to on. Press Submit button to write configurations and restart 6lbr.

3. Turn on CC2650STK to make it join 6lbr. Click on the web link in sensor page.

4.In sensor web page, click "IBM Quickstart"

5. Sensor data from CC2650STK would show on IBM MQTT quickstart service.


  1. I am trying to use a UART to Ethernet bridge board unlike the ENC28J60. I would like to know what and where I need to configure/change Contiki code to make this possible.

    Thanks for your time.



  2. Hi, Thank you for the very detailed information.
    I successfully open [bbbb::100] web-browser following your post.
    However, I cannot see any valid data when I click IBM Quickstart.
    My wrapsix is running fine. I think I inputted wrong peer router number.
    I am newbie on this and don't know where to look at to find a peer router number.

    Could you help or suggest anything on this issue?

    Thank you for your time

    1. Do you input IPv6 address of your PC as Peer router in 6lbr web configuration page?

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