Monday, January 4, 2016

How to run TI Z-Stack Linux Home Gateway on BeagleBone Black with CC2530DK.

The following steps show you how to run TI Z-Stack Linux Home Gateway on BeagleBone Black with CC2530DK.

1. Add ENABLE_MT_SYS_RESET_SHUTDOWN to compile options of ZNP CC2530-ProdHex project and set znpCfg1 = ZNP_CFG1_UART in InitBoard().

2. Build it to get CC2530ZNP-Prod.hex under \Projects\zstack\ZNP\CC253x\dev and download it to CC2530DK using Flash Programmer.

3. Connect the following pins between CC2530DK UART (P0.2 as RX and P0.3 as TX) and BeagleBone Black UART4.

       CC2530DK UART RX P0.2 (P18 Pin9)   <-------> BBB UART4 TX (P9 Pin13)
       CC2530DK UART TX P0.3 (P18 Pin11) <-------> BBB UART4 RX (P9 Pin11)
       CC2530DK GND (P18 Pin20)                 <-------> BBB DGND (P9 Pin1)

4. Change devPath="/dev/ttyACM0" to devPath="/dev/ttyO4" in NPI_Gateway.cfg

5. Revise the followings in zigbeeHAgw.


    "../tools/gw_soc_fw_version_query.bin /dev/ttyACM0" to "../tools/gw_soc_fw_version_query.bin /dev/ttyO4"

6. Comment out the folllowing lines in in zigbeeHAgw.

    "echo -n  " sleeping $hw_reset_sleep seconds after reset... ""
    "sleep $hw_reset_sleep"

7. Add the following line to /media/BEAGLEBONE/uEnv.txt to enable UART4 on BBB.

    optargs=quiet drm.debug=7 capemgr.enable_partno=BB-UART4

8. Restart BBB and make sure ttyO4 shows under /dev

9. run ./zigbeeHAgw bbb on current terminal and ./start_application on another to test TI Z-Stack Linux Home Gateway.


  1. Hi
    Your blog is the only place in the world with practical TI ZigBee solutions! Good job. Way to go.
    By the way could you please kindly send TI Z-stack Linux Gateway source code to my email ( ?
    I mean this file :

    1. You have to contact TI to sign SLA to get this source code.

    2. Hi. How do I contact them?