Monday, August 22, 2016

How to use backdoor serial boot loader for CC2650/CC2640/CC2630/CC2538

The following steps show you how to use backdoor serial boot loader for CC2650/CC2640/CC2630/CC2538

1. CC2650/CC2640/CC2630/CC2538 support backdoor Serial Bootloader Interface by default. It might be sometimes overwritten by your application so you might need to do "Mass Erase" from Flash Programmer 2 to make it come back.

2. Hold "SELECT" and press "RESET" button on SmartRF06EB.

3. Select correct chip from virtual COM port simulated by SmartRF06EB. In my case, I use CC2650

4. Then click mouse right button to connect CC2650 from virtual COM port.

5. Select FW and download it to CC2650. You would get the following error and "Failed" on Flash Programmer2 but it actually program and verify successfully.

>Initiate access to target: COM53.
>Reading file: C:/ti/simplelink/ble_sdk_2_02_00_31/examples/hex/cc2650lp_host_test_rel.hex.
>Start flash erase ...
>Erase finished successfully.
>Start flash programming ...
>Warning: CC2650 bootloader will be disabled.
>Flash programming locked bootloader access. No further actions possible.
>Programming finished successfully.
>Start flash verify ...
>ERROR: No connection between interface and target.
>Reset target ...

6. Test your application on CC2650

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